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Lion Christine Weerdenburg
Club President
Spouse: Tony
Children: 3 Boys
Career: Retiredfrom CIBCworking at BCH TAX
Why/How did you join?: To serve my community.
What keeps you in the club?: Fun and social
Favorite activities?: Reading, quilting and my grandchildren
Message to the community:We can always use your help, come out and join us.
Any other comments: I have served in many positions within this great organization.
Lion Tony Weerdenburg

Spouse: Christine
Children: 4 (1- Named Not ME)
Career: Carpenter
Why/How did you join?: Community activity for kids.
What keeps you in the club?: To see what happens next.
Favorite activities?:Antique tractors and cars.
Funniest moments in Lions: There was that time that... (I cant tell or I will get in trouble)
Message to the community: Don't complain. Get invovled!
Lion Peter Gautreau
                    1st Vice President

Spouse: Trish
Children: 2
Career: Self Empolyed
Why/How did you join?: Lions assistedafriend in need
What keeps you in the club?: Never a dull moment. Lots of laughs.
Favorite activities?: Anything working with wood (including campfires)
Funniest moments in lions: Too many to list. We are a funny bunch.
Message to the community: Join a club and have a positive impact on the people around you.
Any other comments: Listen to the song "humble and kind" by Tim Mcgraw and live it every day.

Lion David Anderson

What keeps you in the club?: Afraid of getting hit by Christine W.
Favorite activities?: Reading.
Message to the community: We Serve!
Lion Margaret McAllister
Coordinator of Club Social Activities​ /
2nd Vice President
I have been the secretary of Kinmount and District Lions Club for several years as well as coordinator of club social activites. I have been married to Joe (also a Lion member for almost 50 years. We have been retired for 17 years, enjoy travelling in our RV and colunteering as campground hosts in Algonquin Park.
Lion Melissa Moody
                   Membership Chair

Spouse: Robert 
Children: Emma and Alisha
Career: Retired Canadian Armed Forces Member. Currently A Birth Photographer.
Why/How did you join?: JC wouldnt leave me alone. He bugged me to join for several years.
What keeps you in the club?: I love being apart of the team again. And serving my community.
Favorite activities?: Walking, Paddling,Working out and spending time with my daughter.
Message to the community: Come join us. Serve your commuity. 

Lion Christine Tomilson
                           Lion Tamer

Spouse: Sam
Why/How did you join?: Was asked to join.
What keeps you in the club?: The activities and the people.
Favorite activities?: Bowling, Darts and other sports.
Lion Trish Gautreau
Tail Twister

Spouse: Peter
Children: Brittany and Carol-Ann
Career: EA for School
Why/How did you join?: Bugged by Dave. To help peope in the area.
What keeps you in the club?: Friends
Favorite activities?: Fun
Message to the community: If you want to meet great people and have lots of fun come out and Join US!

Any other comments:
​A Small But Mighty Club!
Lion Jean-Claude "JC" Gagrange
​1st Vice District Govener/ Past President

Spouse: Dr. Elena Mihu
Children: 4 Cats 
Career: IT/Management
Why/How did you join?: coerced by 2 Lions at first open house of kinmount health centre.
What keeps you in the club?: Feeling of belonging to a family. Promoting and improving our community/world.
Favorite activities?: Genealogy, Cooking and Photography
Funniest moments in Lions: Making a speech at a club with my zipper down.
Message to the community:Join us and make Kinmount a better community than it already is!
Lion Eric Turnbull

Children: 2 and 4 grandchildren
Career: Sales
Why/How did you join?: Recruited by Bill Hartin 1999
What keeps you in the club?: Support activities in the club.
Favorite activities?: Reading, Sports and Boating.
Message to the community: Meet People
Lion Vic Ballik
Lion Dr. Elena Mihu
Lion ​Khosrow Eshkour
Lion Vincent Leveck
Lion John (Joe) McAllister

Lion Brittany Gautreau

Lion Robert Moody
Lion Sam Tomilson
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